Keysight Technologies (previously Agilent's Electronic Measurement Business) is a major manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) test and measurement equipment. Keysight devices are used to develop and test more than half of all cell phones shipped each year. 

Keysight products in the USA are applied in the development and evaluation of electrical components in aviation and the military, including advanced controllers, satellite tracking, telecommunication networks, spacecraft, surveillance, and Navigation. Keysight Technologies helps telecom equipment makers to design the greatest solutions and provide the most satisfying user experience, regardless of the application.

 RF test and measuring instruments

The RF test and measuring instruments from Keysight are widely used in the construction of PCs and electronics. Keysight solutions enable experts to achieve the highest possible performance, from testing the hypotheses of silicon substrates through operational and manufacturing testing of PCBs to the final inspection of personal computers.

  • Keysight products in the USA may also assist manufacturers of high-speed electronic devices in achieving cutting-edge efficiency while in order to ensure compliance and compatibility with industry best practices. 
  • Keysight devices assist technological growth in the particular electronic industry. Whether evaluating renewables, manufacturing automobile circuits, or reinventing power efficiency, Keysight assists in introducing future engineers and technicians to electrical and structural concepts.

Keysight Technologies earned a reputation for quality and consistency in electronic measurements and has kept that history for over 70 years. As electronics technologies progress, Keysight attempts to anticipate its clients' desires in order to provide the finest test and measurement equipment possible.

Best RF Keysight Products

Following are the best keysight products in the USA:

  • Keysight Signal Generators

Keysight products in the USA provide the most comprehensive selection of commercial signal generators, ranging from entry-level to sophisticated. The sector plays an important role: signal generators provide the standard in-class capability to enable engineers to develop and produce radio transmitters and receivers and modules, including resonance frequencies ranging from broadband to 67 GHz and frequency extensions to 1.1 THz. 

Characteristics and Advantages

Following are the best characteristics and advantages of the Keysight technologies generators in the USA:

  • Intended for low-frequency channels, mobile telecommunications radio, millimeter wave surveillance, communications satellites, and other applications. 
  • Keysight generators provide high measured level precision and stability, as well as remotely programmable macros.
  • Keysight signal generators' modulation capabilities range from general-purpose AM, FM, and digital I/Q to standard-specific formats such as GSM, TE-Advanced, GPS, and WLAN. And, with Keysight signal generators available in a variety of form factors ranging from workstation to module PXI, you'll have no trouble choosing the ideal signal generator for your application.
  • Keysight network analyzers

Keysight network analyzers offer the unrivaled capability for characterizing and testing RF components such as amplifiers, integrators, and frequency conversions. To give companies access to their architecture, Keysight network analyzers in the USA examine widely specified amplifier characteristics including amplitude, gain and phase compression, isolation, return loss, and group delay.

Following are the features and the benefits of the RF eyesight product in the USA:

  • Keysight network analyzers have a broad frequency spectrum, ranging from 5 Hz to 1.5 THz with frequency extenders.
  • Keysight network analyzers are available in a number of models to meet your application requirements. 
  • Keysight's comprehensive range of vector network analyzers (VNAs), along with the high-performance yet low-cost Keysight ENA Family and transportable 
  • FieldFox RF and microwave scanners, enable you to choose the ideal solution for your applications.
  • Keysight Oscilloscope

In the Keysight products in the USA people considered oscilloscopes as the one product as a whole that is one of the best products of the company worldwide that are as competent as you are, from the only intuitive touchscreen points of view to the quickest reference measurements and best calibration accessible.

Keysight Oscilloscopes provide the instruments you need to tackle your largest key challenges, from the industry-leading performance of the Infiniium Z-Series scopes to the budget-friendly features of the 1000X Series.

Different forms of Keysight Oscilloscopes in the USA

Keysight Oscilloscopes come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and measuring capacities, but they all have one thing in common: world-class functionality.

  • The U1600 Series of handheld oscilloscopes provide a compact and durable measuring totally and completely to 200MHz. 
  • The entry-level 1000 Series are inexpensive yet strong, with up to 200MHz bandwidth and 23 automated measures for rapid and easy testing. 
  • The 2000 Series has significantly more processing power, with 50,000 oscillations per second and a big 8.5 inch display.
  •  The 3000 Series supports up to 1GHz and 1,000,000 oscillations per second. 
  • With the 4000 Series, you can go even larger, with a 12.1-inch sensitive touchscreen interface and connectivity up to 1.5GHz. 
  • The 6000 Series supports up to 6GHz and has jitter reduction capabilities.

Ge equipment and keysight products in the USA

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What products does Keysight Technologies manufacture?

Keysight Technologies, or Keysight, is an American manufacturer of electrical technology and technical products as well as software. The term is a combination of key and insight. Agilent Technologies, which has a significant history in tests and assessments, spun out the corporation.

Is Keysight a semiconductors manufacturer?

Keysight has been developing unique semiconductor ASIC and MMIC technology for testing and measuring systems for over 50 years. You can rely on Keysight to help you expedite your next invention.